Catherine Wilkins

Catherine Wilkins…

Let’s meet this wonderful person!

While her “loved one of four years” was battling cancer, fighting for their life, bald from chemo, and suffering greatly:

Catherine Wilkins * * Fakes taking care of her “loved one” to receive her own sympathy and rewards.

Catherine Wilkins * * Abandons her “loved one” to fight for their life or die on their own.

Catherine Wilkins * * Tells her “loved one” while they are fighting cancer, that she joined Delta Force (so she can escape responsibility).

Catherine Wilkins * * Lies to her college professors and family.

Catherine Wilkins * * Receives praise from her college professors for her lies.

Catherine Wilkins * * Fakes massive details on her scholarships trying to get money for what she lied about.

Catherine Wilkins * * Lies about paying her “loved one’s” medical bills, so she can get school funding.

Catherine Wilkins * * Receives credit, respect, and sympathy for her lies and good deeds that she NEVER did.

Catherine Wilkins * * Appropriates the suffering and life-and-death struggle of others to advance herself.

Catherine Wilkins * * Commits adultery.

Catherine Wilkins * * Abuses the academic system for years.

Catherine Wilkins * * Copies, steals, and appropriates ideas from others, and claims her own credit for them.

Catherine Wilkins * * Covers up her dishonesty.

Catherine Wilkins * * Blames others when she gets caught.

Catherine Wilkins * * When caught lying, cheating, committing adultery, copying, and faking — just lies that she’ll stop lying, then keeps lying for years.

Catherine Wilkins * * Does not care about the pain she causes others.

Catherine Wilkins * * Does not care about making the life-and-death struggle of cancer and chemotherapy more difficult on the “loved one” she’s abusing, using, and scamming.

     When your loved one got cancer, what did you do?

     Did you cheat and try to profit like Catherine Wilkins?

Don’t be a Catherine Wilkins.

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