Zoeann Carlson, Salem, New Hampshire

She is very cunning. Comes off to everyone she meets as harmless as “Little Mary Sunshine” or even Mother Teresa. But be very-very careful. This demeaner is a well rehearsed Trap. She infected me, and even though I found out some months later, of course after I had a very bad and Painful outbreak, of the Herpes, That then She finally admitted to knowing that She had the Disease for many Years. She even admitted to knowing She had it, and had infected several other Men, over the years before meeting and Infecting, ME. A Lesea` Fair, attitude about it in its Totality. You would never know by talking to Her, She will seem like Gods gift to any man– But will not tell You — Until way after it is unfortunatly to late; AND confronted–By then it will be to late for the poor Guy


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