Zach Tews

Zach Tews has ZERO self esteem since Mariana left him. Mariana got new guy that is a rich veteran. Zach was dishonorably discharged from Aie Force. He lets HIV positive 400 lb whale Yesenia Delbrey chase him & alwayz try to pit girls against each other. His psychotic self think it make him desirable. Zach Tews is a worthless bitter angry little boy whose mom don’t like him, that why he let unfit mother whale HIV positive Yesenia Delbrey chase him, he psychologically recreate his childhood. Zach go get braces 4 ur crooked yellowish brown teeth & accept Mariana won & u lost, like u do alwayz. Come out of closet 2 b happy, u look more happy with boys.

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