Yvonne Reilly, San Antonio, TX

First off , this woman isn’t a cheater at all or vile in anyway. I just wanted to post this to give my dear two cents about this beautiful woman I screwed up on and caused her to let me go. I was a complete a*****e, if your dating this lovely lady , DO NOT ever take advantage of her or take both her or her feelings for granted. I knew her for several years long ago. She would always show me the care of what I call a ‘mothers love’ , she would always care for me even when I was being a complete a*s to her, she would always put me and others ahead of herself …… She expressed how she always felt to me whether good or bad. But I didn’t listen , i am the idiot . I acted out against her and I do completely regret it ! So if your dating or talking to this woman , Yvonne, you better take good care of her or else you’ll forever regret it like me . The pic I posted of her is a current pic I saved off of her online social media account.


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