Yvonne Chau, Austin, Texas

Yvonne Chau who lives in Austin Texas, formerly from Hong Kong, speaks fluent Cantonese, is a compulsive thief and liar. She will con you out of your life savings by first coming on to you as a coy and shy only to later, start throwing your personal goods and breaking them to pieces if she doesn’t get her way. She is totally mental. She will hacksaw anything that is locked, and break in to your house, your locker and steal anything that belongs to you as she has others. This woman has NO respect for anyone’s personal property. If you see her working or living in Austin contact the police immediately, believed to be living in South Austin. She suffers from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and refuses any treatment. She is also a known w***e, has slept with 1000;s of men. I know because i saw them come to her apartment at 2 a.m. asking for s*x and saw her cell phone with lists of johns. Her house is full of used condoms. She tied them all to her toes. After she steals from you and gets caught, she has no decency or self-respect, and will try it again, and again; she has no guilt or any remorse whatsoever for her past or future misdeeds.



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