Wendy Marie Sartori, Tampa, Florida

Me and my husband have been together for 4 years, I knew Wendy Sartori and she was dating my husbands friend. A few days go by and my husbands friend is staying home for a couple weeks while they try to decide if they are staying together. My husband took her on a few occasions to pick up her friends. I didn’t suspect anything at first until one day my husband came home telling me that his buddy accused him of having s*x with his girl. That’s when I started getting curious. Why would he think that unless something is actually going on. Well that next morning I went through my husbands phone there was a lot of text from her. Saying her man isn’t the man she wants and mine is and she doesn’t feel the same when he holds her. She told him she loved him and only wanted him. This s**t really gets around.



8 thoughts on “Wendy Marie Sartori, Tampa, Florida

    1. F*****g haters why don’t you all just do everyone else a favor and kill yourself. F**k them your still my home girl.

  1. first off this story could be fabricated. this lady found pictures of an old conversation between Wendy and my exhusband and thinks its full proof that shes sleeping with her husband. Sorry but she didnt know the story behind that conversation and obviously is oblivious to know that was a lure to see if he was cheating and he was, but not with her. this lady needs to get a life and stop slandering people. i dont appreciate being dragged into this and this needs to end. also, good luck with you posting pictures at her job, theyve all been warned about you lady. im not letting you get her fired cause your mad that your husband cant keep it in his pants. stupid b***h!!

    1. Yeah, you’re a f*****g w***e. I don’t have a problem with you being a w***e, but there are a lot of lonely men on this earth… why f**k someone else’s

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