Wen Juan Chai Rowland Heights California

This two bit s***k takes c*m from all directions She cheats, lies and steals to get anything she wants, then denies everything. She takes on multiple cummers at once. Dont be misled by her lies, she will rob you blind if you leave your eyes off of her for a second. In reality she is a cheap tramp who sucks **** all night. Dont let her rob you, call the police if you see her.


3 thoughts on “Wen Juan Chai Rowland Heights California

  1. This lying cheating Wh*** takes multiple cummers at once. She is loose as a goose and twice as shi**y. Dont belive anything she tells you, its a lie. Do not take your eyes off her for even one second, she will steal you blind. Call the police and local law enforcement to add to her long rap sheet. She has stolen money and anything she can grab and will deny her thefts. She is a cheap two bit tramp and a common thief.

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