Warren Perrett, Bristol, United Kingdom

He has an excuse for everything and will make your head spin with his tales, but none of them are true. He has defrauded people who have trusted and believed him with absolutely no remorse on his part. He will simply move on to the next victim.



2 thoughts on “Warren Perrett, Bristol, United Kingdom

  1. This post is wholly defamitory, and full of lies, I have been in the same relationship for four years and only have one ex from years ago so I am not even sure who this is that posted it, I would take this further but as the poster is anonymous, and the FAQ, Legal stuff, and privacy policy hotkeys don’t even finish their first couple of sentences so I don’t know how to challenge it, anyway whoever it is and why, I can only say that they must be really sad and pathetic to post this as an anonymous personal attack for some unknown reason and as i am in a long term relationship its hardly going to affect me , WHAT A SAD PERSON

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