Walter Brian Jackon, Lula Georgia

This person uses several ID’s online on POF Country30554, wbj30531, and now wbj30501. He is married and dating. He lies and says he’s divorced but has been legally been married the last 4 years he’s been online. He was on online dating sites while still living with wife 4 years ago, she left him, but he won’t sign divorce papers, but is out in dating world professing how religious he is and that he is divorced. He is a user and liar. He hardly supports his kids or sees them, pretends to go faithfully to church every week…if he does I am surprised G*D does not strike him down in the church for his obsessive lying. He plays games with women, doesn’t call or show up when he is supposed to. A complete piece of s**t for a man! Ladies don’t let this liar and fart obsessed person ruin your life. He thinks it’s humorous to hike his leg up and fart in public.
On POF wbj30501 and datehookup wbj30531. Don’t get mixed up with this user and loser. He is an a$$hole and piece of s**t….pathetic human being and pathetic person. He is on POF stating that someone got his profile deleted, hmmm….it wasn’t me, probably just some other woman that found out he is a lying married piece of s**t that he f*cked over. He says women told him ROT IN H**L because he is FAT, bullsh*t it’s because he is a married liar!


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