Vinny Dupree, Gadsden, Alabama

Appears the word on the street that Vinny Dupree is a MAN with small D**K and he is a DEAD BEATDAD … Thinks he is a real cool guy. Has to keep everything…Likes a big HAIRY a*s as a REAL TURNON … Has walked out on two marriages three children which is all good for them but certainly makes him look like the PARASITE that he is … So if you want a shallow, narcisitic, PARASITE that throws wives children under the bus, hunt this JEWEL down give him a whirl …He will be sure to make your life miserable …He needs to come with a warning label … BAD MEAT, RUN LIKE H**L



5 thoughts on “Vinny Dupree, Gadsden, Alabama

  1. POS lunatic who clearly cares not one morsel for anyone but himself. Does not have a place to stay & can’t even handle finances & is apparently under the illusion that anyone owes him anything. He clearly needs a mental evaluation & probably should be ‘committed’ due to the fact he has numerous personalities. AND he is an EMT ?!?! SCARY !which personality might he be as he’s responding to a call for you? Do they screen for STD’s on these people at all?

  2. He needs to join ‘The Limp D**k Society’. Then run for president… This sound INSANE ?!?! Well, HE is … WARD of the STATE, certifiable…

    1. She might have been a b***h, but that’s never an excuse to go on multiple vacations with different women when you told your pregnant wife you were at work. Not to mention, having them come to your place of employment.

      1. I think it’s hilarious that someone used my name for their p***y a*s comment. Make sure before using my name you can spell it right! Smh!

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