Veronica Martinez, Modesto, California

This is Veronica Martinez aka Veronica Townsend or Veronica Martinez Townsend. She slept with my husband multiple times in the past. She even knew he was married. She did not care as most homewreckers do. She claims its not true but my husband confessed with all the nasty details. (w***e). I told my husband to leave and they are together now. So if you see this women around your man or woman (yes she does girls too) keep an eye on them both.


14 thoughts on “Veronica Martinez, Modesto, California

  1. Veronica is a meth head. One line and she is a freak. She will f**k anything after meth. You still might be able to find her on Badoo or POF.

  2. I agree. I have out so many things in her puss puss after a line of crystal. Looks like an angel f***s like a freak.

  3. I did not know she did crystal. I knew she was a drunk. I wish I knew her when she was doing crystal. That would have been great.

  4. She is fine at the start she will give it up on the first date. But she will send you text messages by the bunch and calls and messages until your mailbox is full.

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