An introduction to USF HONORS COLLEGE Professor, Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Cheats in college a number of times.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Lies About Going into Debt Helping Cancer Patient, in Her Personal Scam for Scholarship Money.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Fabricates large amounts of crucial details on college scholarship.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Commits adultery, has s*x with USF faculty and boss.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Fills up USF work computers with p**n, s*x stories, and sexual messages from USF boss.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Accuses USF boss of rape in her attempt to cover-up their adultery, and abuse of school property and positions.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Appropriates, steals, takes, and copies from others.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Academic and college ethics, as well as personal integrity severely missing.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Falsifies and fabricates entire stories.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Abuses an artist cancer patient to advance her college career.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Then, teaches courses in Art, Mental Health, and Medicine.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Teaches USF Honors College Health Professions Students.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Teaches Honors capstone course “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Courses are taught by an instructor that has frequently lied, falsified academic scholarships, conducted large cover-ups to escape accountability, abused a dying medical patient, and engaged in adultery.

* * USF’s Dr. Wilkins: Builds her college career on falsehoods, appropriation, massive misconduct, and abuses.

* * MORE.

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