Troy Reeves, Groton, Massachusetts

I met Troy at a young age and we fell in love fast, or so I thought. Slowly his behavior seemed sketchy, as his gf I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After three years of being in a relationship, he made me seem “crazy” and “psycho”. Little does anyone he has been cheating on me DAILY with girls he met at his work (which mind you, is a hospital for people with special needs) ****ED UP, HUH? I found out there was only but two girls, one more in particular. He would meet up with her before visiting me at college. When he couldn’t *** he’d blame being stoned or his ***** being sore but LITTLE DID I KNOW (until now) that he had been ****ing another girl before me. So his girlfriend gets sloppy seconds? Unacceptable. Then we broke up because I caught him physically walking to this girls car in his work parking lot. She drove away, startled (THIS ***** IS TO BLAME AS WELL, SHE KNEW HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND) Sooooo ladies, if Troy puts on the sweet guy act like he did for me and I fell in love head over heals, don’t fall for it! He has a serious s*x addiction (including watching p**n over 8 times a day, which is another story) AND TO HIM, GIRLS ARE LIKE LAYS POTATO CHIPS, HE CANT HAVE JUST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!


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