Tony Luster, Atlanta, Georgia

This man is a con artist with major psychological problems! He is a pathological liar. He can make you believe anything!!! The lies I know he uses are that he plays pro football, he works for Sony records, he has recently had leg/knee/back surgery to make you feel sorry for him. He also says his parents are wealthy – that his mom is a federal judge. He is a lot of fun to be around and very charming!!! He is unemployed and has been for his entire life, his family is not weathly at all, actually very sweet people. He scams women for money two, three, four at the same time…spends one woman’s money on the next victem. He will borrow one woman’s car and go pick up the other woman to give the illusion he owns several nice cars. He tood advantage of me at a very desperate time in my life. My mom had just passed and he knew I had money coming my way. He promised to be my family because I was alone and he took me on vacation, bought me a puppy, all just to keep me going until I got that money in. It is a very long complicated story! I found out he was married when I first met him and he actually took me to her condo when she was out of town. He really needs psychiatric help, I tried to get it for him but he just wants to be this person that takes advantage of women. He has a complete lack of respect for all women and white people in general! He has a severe drug and alcohol problem…he is emotionally and physically abusive. He can cry at the drop of a hat. Please just go the other way if he tries to enter your life in any way!!! His birthday is May 14, 1971, he grew up in St. Louis, never went to college, has a criminal record. He is currently on probation in cobb county, ga for stalking and impersonating a police officer to try and win the trust of a woman. He has a son in Ohio that the mother won’t let him see.

Tony Luster


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