Tom Shunk, Tallapoosa, Georgia

Tom Shunk is a liar and womanizer. He manipulates women and makes them believe his Bull S**t. He is married with children and plays it off as though he is unhappy and getting a divorce. While he is still living with his wife in the family home. Uses younger girls for s*x when hes actually married. Uses online dating sites to pray and lie to girls. He has affairs with girls only 16 years old and married women some is who are in long term relationships and feeds them lies to get them to go to bed with him. He is a home wrecker and shouldn’t be trusted.



3 thoughts on “Tom Shunk, Tallapoosa, Georgia

  1. Sounds like your mom and grandma are a wee bit paoinrad. maybe they are speaking from their experience. Just tell them you have better judgment than them. That is a terrible thing to say, What about your grandpa?? Or your father?? There are tons of great guys out there. Yes there are some creeps too. but to Label every guy like that? That’s just wrong.

  2. Honestly, if you are going to post something that is this fake you should at least be able to spell and use correct grammar. Secondly, I know this man personally, to be completely truthful I sleep next to this man every night. Your accusations are false and sound like they come from someone that was unable to keep a great man. Here is some advise build a bridge and get over yourself. I certainly hope you find something else as a hobby this one is pathetic.

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