Todd Cochran, Moody, Alabama

This pos started messaging my wife of 10 yrs on facebook. At 1st she plainly told him she was married. But, he insisted on meeting up. After a few weeks she agreed. Yes just as much her fault. Todd knew I worked out of town and used it to his advantage, even had the nerve to come to my house, and have s*x in my car! She broke it off with him several times but he always hounded her to meet up just one more time. He has 3 teenage kids of his own that he doesn’t take care of, he lived with his mother (he’s 47) up until she died. He can’t nor will he ever maintain a steady job, if he was a REAL man he would be at work and wouldn’t have time to mess around with married women. Oh btw, he was in a relationship with someone else also and of course I told her. He is a low life piece of white trash. After my wife came clean to me about the affair she let me read all the fb messages between them and I must say he’s a real sad individual.


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