Timothy James Morgan lll, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Tim was a co-worker with my wife at the opal man jewelry store in spring green, wi. Tim is already married at the time with a wife and 3 kids of his own. anyway the POS and the wife had an affair that started in nov 2013, this individual has been invited over the the house numerous times for bbq get togethers and once for Christmas eve dinner with 2 of his kids, this person has the gall to show up in my home with his kids all the while he was f*****g the wife behind my back at the store he worked at, once I took a 3 day trip up to northern Wisconsin with a friend to go snowmobiling in mid march 2014, the wife invited him over that Friday evening after work, cooked him dinner and proceeded to have relations under my roof, in my bed. The POS had lied to his wife claiming to say he had to run an errand to pick up some mirrors and would be gone for a while( mirrors were from my wife to give to the opal man store where she worked at) About mid april/may of 2014 in one of the many email communications that I had discovered between my wife and Tim, Tim at one point had suggested to my wife the next time I am invited over to the house, I should bring a drug( roofies) to put in my drink to knock me out so that he can f**k my wife in my own home while i’m knocked out. This POS was a member of the spring green fire dept, supposedly has EMT training. (in the email he explains that he knows just how effective certain drugs can be, and sounds like he has first experience with them no doubt) I had my suspicions that something was going on, but I finally had my proof at the end of august 2014, my wife had just purchased a new cell phone and that friday when she left to go to work, she had forgotten her old cell phone, and in that phone I found all the email communications dating from nov 2013 to august 29 2014. My wife was taking care of an elderly woman some nights after work and that Friday night I called her and confronted her, needless to say I picked her up that Saturday morning and its been h**l ever since, The POS still hasn’t left my wife alone to this day, always interfering, we are currently separated and I believe with g*d’s guidance and wisdom the wife and I will reconcile one day. It has also come to our attention that the POS has had previous affairs with one of his firemens buddies wife while at the spring green fire dept. needless to say he isn’t wanted back at the dept after that happened. So just to warn people, he really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this supposedly 25 years married family man that goes to church and calls himself a Christian, isn’t really much of a person at all, just a slimeball of a poor excuse of a human being


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  1. OMG!!! I know of him and seen him at the opal jewelry store and around town, is your wife a shorter Asian girl with shoulder length black hair? if it is then, I have seen the both of them together with a young girl riding bicycles one afternoon. I remembered asking my husband who was walking with me that day if Tim was still married, thought it was inappropriate for him to be near the woman if he were married.

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