Timothy Anton Estes, Anderson, South Carolina

Tim has been married three times. I was his third wife. All three wives have had a domestic violence case against him. He is very violent and short tempered. He hides behind his church and his degree in theology. Don’t let him fool you as he did me. If you know him and he denys these accusations , ask him to give you his childrens phone number and call them. NOT one of his three children will have anything to do with him. He manipulates you to the point that you will not be allowed to have any friends. When I finally got the courage to leave him, he broke into my family home and stole everything out of it. What he could not steal he destroyed including portraits of my children, parents and grandparents. He has terrible credit and currently owes the government 300.000 dollars for student loans he said was his seconds wifes debt but after investigating I found this was his debt alone. There were times that I did not think I would make it out alive. He has spit in my face, shoved me against walls , slapped my face, tied ropes around my neck and even choked me to the point of passing out. His ex wives and his children have told me of simular incidents with them as well. If you allow him in your home, he will steal you blind. Do NOT be this guys next victim!


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