Tiffany Douglas, La Palma, California

We were together in college and she cheated on me more than once. We were only together for a little under a year but in that time she cheated on me with 3 guys and I knew all the guys.She was like a slowly progressive cheater that just made out with my first buddy and the 2nd buddy she did everything with him but have s*x like that even matters at that point. my 3rd buddy had s*x with her though and it was like 3 or 4 different times.Each time it was because we got in a fight. not break up just in a fight. Everytime we were fighting her way of getting back at me was go get with on of my friends just to p**s me off. Normal people would scream at each other or say something they didnt really mean to say but apologize for it later but not Tiff she would rather destroy your manhood and make you feel about 1 inch tall. We said we loved each other but how can you do that to someone you love but she is a little crazy. I found out that after we broke up she was dating this guy and she would try calling me late at night some night probably when they were fighting. What a freak she does that to guys she is dating and gets mad at like thats her therapy to get over an argument


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