Thomas Johnson, Menomonie, Wisconsin

This is the fakest man I have ever met. He looks like a teenager and wears his track shirt yet from high school. He likes to act as if he is a teenager yet. He cheated a lot. He was caught asking girls to sleep with him many times. Every time he had an excuse. One being the woman threatened to hurt herself unless she slept with him. He even got someone pregnant and signed the baby away. Then lied and told people it wasn’t his. He back stabs girls as soon as he is done using them. He also uses men. He even has apps on his phone to hide e mails and texts from other women. He s*x’s people all of the time. Even while he is going potty. He tells everyone he loves them. As a way to gain their trust.


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  1. Check out March 2015. boys dot expic dot net. Has more pics of this guy. Including one he has rash. Others hair brush and fingers in his booty. What a sicko.

  2. I’m the coworker you told TJ that I talk smack about him. First off, you don’t even know me so don’t go there. Second, he’s my friend. If you can’t get yourself together and leave him alone them you obviously don’t have a life. Grow up and move on. He has.

    1. Janelle? I don’t even know you. Obviously not smart if you believe any thing T.J. tells you. b.t.w I hooked up with T.J. either Christmas 2014 or Christmas eve 2014 at his sisters house before she got home that afternoon. He never told his girlfriend about that. He lied about even having a girlfriend until after I confronted him.

    2. I don’t know a Janelle. If T.J. tells you stuff, such as someone’s talking smack, consider the source. He’s a known liar.

      I’ve known this guy for many years. He’s notorious for telling someone that another person talked smack about them.

      Pay attention now that you know that. See how many times you catch him talking about other people.

      Also, he must have moved on. He was messaging my cousin a couple weeks ago asking her out. It was around fourth of July. Within a week of 4th of July. About 2 a.m. Claimed he quit smoking weed. Sent pics of his cats.
      She blocked him when he offered to send nude pics. I was there when she was getting the messages.

      If you research him some more online you will see other ladies who will even state what days he was with them or emailing them. One even said something about location and color of a fold up chair he had set up at his home. He’s a known cheater. That is the purpose of posting about him. To warn others he’s a player. Wouldn’t you want to find out if your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you?

      P.s. if you have kids, keep them away from T.j. he was in trouble in New Mexico for abusing his girlfriends kid. Thats why she dumped him and he had to move back to Wisconsin. And also hurt another girlfriends kid.

      I need to mention too, you Google the words boys expics to find the right site for some pics.

      Oh and on New Years 2015, he sent my cousin naked pics. Asked her to come over. I believe it was on new years day. Again, saw the messages as they came thru.

      Sent her nude pics while he was in Colorado this winter too. It was the day after Thanksgiving 2014. When he came back from Colorado he pestered her bad. Was all whiney she rejects him.

      He personally posted videos of himself on reddit. And also pay per membership sites have his videos.

    3. His sister had her smelly brown dog there when I was there. Her shower curtain I recall was ugly. She was gonna be back home either 2 or 3 p.m. that day. And I didn’t want to be around when she got home, so I left before then.

      Yah he’s “moved on”. He’s always moving on, moving himself on many ladies.

  3. I hope I loaded the pic correctly. I give him credit. He’s actually sitting down with the hair brush handle in his booty. And has his legs up in the air. Talented bi sexual man.

    1. Can someone show him how to properly use a hair brush. That’s to comb your hair, not shove in your booty.

      T.J. Johnson claims he was voted “hottest couple” in high school. He was hottest couple with one of his guy lovers.

      He also talked about how his friend, Michael, used to hook up with T.J. but complained how small T.J.’s thing is. T.J. originally claimed he was raped so people didn’t know he was bi-sexual. Then admitted he didn’t stop it from happening. And happened more then once. He said Michael liked giving oral but T.J. didn’t like it when Michael had facial hair cause it’d rub on him.

      If you Google Thomas Johnson Menomonie WI, you can find more about him. He’s just a bad person. As someone else said, everything thought Ted Bundy was a nice guy….

      Don’t be a fool and be this guy’s friend or lover. It’s best to keep him out of your life and business.

      Also, numerous girls have given dates when they hooked up with him. So if you think he’s been loyal to you, think again. He’s cheated on everyone he’s ever gone out with.

    2. Zoomed in for better look at his hair brush. He is a former big fatty. Not sure if you can see stretch marks well in pics, but his booty and legs have tons of them. He went to food for comfort and got fat then got an eatting disorder to lose weight. Now he’s getting fat again.

    3. Little weiner, fat legs, messy apartment. One ugly loser.


      Are his email addy’s if you are into the ugly loser types, he will date anyone.

      He likes hurting women, kids and animals. When he was in high school, he bragged about purposely running over neighbors pets.

      When he worked at Burger King he picked on a special needs coworker constantly. At one point, he took apart the coworkers bicycle so boy would have troubles putting it together to ride it home.

      He’s mean. But acts super nice to people to gain their trust, then goes out of his way to be mean to them. Total psychopath.

      If a girl makes him mad, he tells them he’s already killed someone and will kill again. He already has at least one restraining order against him.

      I will be sharing this site with others. So people know what this guy is really like.

      Here is his work information.

      Walmart D.C.
      6100 3M Dr, Menomonie, WI 54751
      (715) 232-9240

  4. T.J. posts a lot himself on these sites. He plays a victim well. Not even joking. Someone can sit with T.J. and ask him to contact sites and ask what posts came from his email addresses. He has a few email addresses. But he posted and can remove almost everything on sites such as the bad boy report. He is the only one who can remove most of that because he submitted them himself. Make sure you actually see the reply from the sites. He found it hilarious how many people he got mad while posting from his own email accounts. Again, I stress you see the actual responses from the sites stating what he posted from his accounts. Also ask to see his Craigslist account. All of them. He posts on there often. I’m not sure if it can be deleted from his craigslist account but if it saves them for a while check what he was posting a couple weeks ago.

  5. Google quicksilver0011, find the old post from May where a girl was saying ” don’t be his next victim” the post was deleted. But I read online after you click on it, if you switch to working offline, it will somehow bring up the old full post. There are other sites that can also retrieve the actual post. That post was given to the police department because the post stated he was claiming to have killed someone. I don’t know what happened after the police were contacted.
    T.J. recently posted on Craigslist to his ex two weeks ago. Saying he didn’t know how to contact her. Made another post saying she had left the best thing behind when she moved, meaning him. And some other posts. I know one was whining she told him she had moved on, and he posted on Craigslist you told me that to hurt me. He titled them fun fun and they kept being flagged. Search for old craigslist posts from a couple weeks ago. Then try replying to them. If you can reply, watch as he checks his emails, you will see the replies went to him. Or see if he’s dumb enough to reply to them yet.
    And please before someone tries defending this guy, actually do some research.
    Girls thought Ted Bundy was a nice guy, until he started bashing them over the head. Anyone can be a monster but come across as innocent and super friendly and nice.

  6. Don’t be his next victim… – Eau Claire – Craigslist › personals › rants & raves
    May 19, 2015 – I am here to warn people about a very Dangerous Sociopath! His email is quicksilver0011 at hotmail. His first name is Curt. If you Know him Be …

    1. He tends to use fake names Curt and Tony. He’s been asking out girls via Craigslist. He uses quick silver emails. Typically his hotmail one. Posted above is what shows up in Google if you search quicksilver0011. Some people took it as T.J. actually posting it to scare his ex. Since he had a long history of posting ads such as he saw her at the street she lived on last summer, ads saying what she was wearing that day. His ex immediately moved again and paid 6 months more on a house she refused to go back to after T.J. Kept posting about it and leaving her gifts outside the house, typically left her energy drinks. She was buying flowers once a week from the farmer market and T.J. flipped when he saw them on her porch. Then he bought her bigger flowers and said he could afford bigger flowers then her boyfriend. T.J. was jealous of flowers she was buying for herself to cover up the smell in her porch. He missed two weeks of work when she moved, went back to work again to be sent home for being sick, while he was out sick, he still pestered his ex as she was trying to move. He finally went back to work when his ex was completed moving. Then said he was gonna date other girls to get revenge on her for moving and for her seeing other men. Her response was, that’s not punishing me, that’s punishing other women who make the mistake of going out with you.

  7. I believe it was December 2014. He was texting a lady inappropriate texts earlier in the day. Sent naughty pics too. Then he went to work and sent the same girl messages upset he may be drug tested. Then asked girl to not show any one the messages since he’s admitting to drug use. But she shared this… see picture attached.

    1. Does T.J’s mom still pay his bills for him? If so, she should ask his cell phone company for copies of his bill. See how many times he contacted his ex this winter. Sent her tons of text messages. Most asking for her to take him back. She changed her cell phone to get him to stop.

      T.J. was emailing her constantly. Claiming he would tell his “dog face girlfriend” off in front of his ex, to prove his love for her if she would agree to take her back. He offered to do this many times. Check out his exe’s online journal. She uploaded some of the emails so if she ever disappeared, there would be online records of the things T.J, was saying to her. Even in July 2015, he again offered to dump his girlfriend if his ex would take him back. Her reply to him was, you are still the cheating man you have always been. You cheated on your current girlfriend the whole time you have been with her. And have been asking me to take you back the whole time. Proof you can’t be loyal to anyone.

      He even told his family before Xmas 2014 him and his ex were gonna work things out, gave his ex his sisters phone number and said, my sister said she would support my decision to be with you again, you can text her and ask.

      She said to him numerous times she is never taking him back. Again, check her online journal. Also if someone checks T.J’s phone records for the times and dates he texted her this winter. He sent pics, text and email, to her numerous times.

      He kept putting gifts, candy, soda and love letters in her locker. Motivated her to quit her job. She was sick of him.

    2. Funny how many times T.J. denied some of this stuff. Yet here’s pictures of him, shoving hair brush handles in his booty. Proof he did send those texts he denied, and also girls on here and other websites stating when they have hooked up with T.J.

      Any one still believing this loser, Thomas John Johnson from Colfax, WI, is an honest man? Do some research on him. He’s a monster.

      P.S. he’s the weirdo who recorded himself masterbating at the laundry mat last summer. The one near River Heights elementary.

      He used to stand at his apartment window and m********e. He recorded several of those videos. Sick man.

  8. Jenelle is way behind on work gossip. T.j’s ex got engaged and is moving away. Engagement pics are on Facebook. Along with a posting for her house to be subleased.

  9. T.J. will lie about anything. He got a girl pregnant while cheating. That kid btw just turned a year old. But he first lied about cheating. Then had to confess cause his d.a. order filler friends all knew about him getting someone pregnant. He then claimed for a few months the girl was having an abortion. Then he actually asked his ex girlfriend to have her former boyfriend kill the girl for him. When she refused to do that, T.J then claimed he and his friend Michael from high school went to Minnesota and killed the girl. He claimed they rented a car from the airport, found the girl and killed her. Then burned her body and dumped what was left of her in a hole in the ice. He even claimed cops called him about this missing girl. He claimed Rick Peterson from the girls police dept called him and asked if he knew where the girl was. Then T.J. took pictures of black S.U.V’s and claimed cops were at his apt. His ex girlfriend said she was calling the cops on him. Then T.J. confessed it was all a lie, called in sick to work and said he was calling his mommy to tell her he needs therapy. He said he had already told his brother he was telling these lies. But figured he better call his mom now.

    Cheater ville had some proof of him claiming he killed the girl but T.J. asked the site to remove it. Which later proof of him cheating this past winter were posted. And unfortunately the web site no longer is up. But after his kid was born he claimed he would do a D.N.A test. He took pics of
    the court house building and pics of blank child support request paperwork to “prove” he was doing the d.n.a. test. Then he said he was not doing the test cause he couldn’t afford to pay child support since he is 48,000 in debt. Then lied and claimed some other guy is the real dad. Since T.J. lies so much, you never know what’s actually true.

    He also started using the namd Curt and was trying to find new lovers on craigslist. I see proof of that was posted. That ad from the one girl said T.J told her he will do anything including murder. The ad was given to the police in May 2015.

    T.J. is a liar. He has been this way his whole life.

    He even lied and said his toes look weird cause his real dad busted them when he was little. Then claimed they looked weird because they were so poor growing up he never had shoes that fit him so it deformed some of his toes.

    He was put on a couple different medicines after he hurt his girlfriend and her kid in New Mexico but he didn’t stay on the medication long. He claimed weed worked better then the medicine.

    He can put on a great act. Pretend he’s not cheating, make up tons of stories about people, act like he’s everyone’s best friend. But it’s all fake.

    Oh and when his ex dumped him, he damaged her car tires 3 different times in 2 weeks and then busted out her back car light. Nice guy!!

    He even got his mom to give him her black Bonneville cause his ex had two cars, one being a black Bonneville and he thought it’d be cute if they had matching cars. The guys a freak.

  10. Re: fun fun postings ( T.) (quicksilver) – m4w – craigslist
    Jul 19, 2015 – You have succeeded at nothing but being a mean boy. … The bad boy report for Menomonie keeps showing more about how mean you are.

  11. T.J. turned his coworkers in to O.S.H.A. this spring. He claimed people were pouring battery acid into the air vents when they changed batteries. T.J said the air vents would end up spraying acid on the workers.

    The paper for it was up by management office in the glass case. T.J. wanted to be full time battery changer so he tried getting the people who had the job in trouble.

    He is a piece of s**t. A liar, woman and kid beater, drug addict, he’s ugly, a psychopath. He still cheats all the time. And will manipulate anyone by acting innocent. Blaming everyone else when something bad happens.

    I suspect the women he has been hooking up with lately have to be drug addicts themselves to tolerate him.

    1. He works at Menomonie Walmart Distribution Center. He’s the loud mouth who always wears a Batman shirt. He is also the trash collector there. He seriously spends the night going around to all the trashy people who work there and “collects”them as his friends and girlfriends. Then the group of trashy people think they are something important cause they now have “friends”. A group of gross people following a 31 year old weirdo wearing a batman shirt. It’s like watching the Wheeler trailer court people merge with FryLund Drive and thinking they are special and cool. Just a pack of trash collected by T.J. If you see a man wearing a Batman shirt while working at Walmart D.C., following him will be a pack of ugly gross bottom feeders. Most of his female friends there are big beef eaters. Some obvious meth addicts. Guy friends are current or former drug addicts and some are people convicted of s*x crimes. Seriously every disgusting person rejected from normal society, he now calls his Walmart peeps.
      Don’t work at Walmart D.C. They always have job postings, they can’t keep people there, except creeps such as Thomas Johnson and the trashy people he’s collected there.

    2. I heard about that! He is so selfish and mean. He just goes out of his way to get people fired. One girl had enough of his c**p and quit work and said she wasn’t coming back to such a c**p hole with a monster like him.

  12. T.J. is trying to have online reports of him removed. He’s mad he’s been called out for being a cheater and for being a CRAZY weirdo.

    Be sure to share this site and the others,in case he successfully gets it removed.

    He’s mad too people are finding out he’s cheated on them and mad his pictures are online, making it harder for him to use fake names.

    His favorite email address to use to cheat, is

    He uses texting apps to hide his cheating texts.

    His makes up stories about his friends and family members. He lives in a fantasy world in his head. I’m sure it’s from being brain damaged from his drug use. Meth does that to a person.

    Also if he tells you he is “babysitting” he’s typically using that as a lie to hide cheating. Along with going to visit family members.

  13. Don’t be his next victim… – Eau Claire – Craigslist › personals › rants & raves
    May 19, 2015 – His email is quicksilver0011 at hotmail. His first name is … Curt will do whatever it takes to get what he wants including murder. Don’t be his …

    1. After I googled Menomonie murder, I was able to get more of the former craigslist ad to show up. T.J. Johnson likes scaring women. He’s also a fake.

  14. If you look on his legs by his weiner, he’s got a rash.

    Does he not have b***s? I heard his ex called him Walnut nuts. Sort of look like just some saggy skin sacks under his weiner.

    This guy is the Menomonie Craigslist creeper. The Eau Claire Craigslist he spends time on looking for girls to cheat with.

    If you are from Menomonie or even Wisconsin, please share this site. Let others know to avoid this sicko. He’s also into online video games.

  15. His ex sold the videos T.J. sent her. They involve him shoving lots inside himself.

    There was a few hundred pics and over a hundred videos. All sold to a website.

    He sent more videos to her since January 2015. She said he’s a complete dumb a*s. He knows she’s gonna sell them or share them. She even sent him links to the site she sold them too.

    But she is happy she can live off money she made from selling her psycho exe’s videos.

  16. Thomas, your ex is married! Have to rub it in cause you were telling her not long ago, you have faith some day you two would be back together and married. Not gonna happen.

    Lol, I heard T.J cried when he heard she was engaged.

  17. Wow RE: Fun – m4w – craigslist
    Jul 18, 2015 – When you look up (google) his email (quicksilver0011) I see some other ladies posted about him a couple … Wow RE: Fun – m4w (Menomonie).

  18. Wow RE: Fun – m4w – craigslist
    Jul 18, 2015 – So I looked into the almost birthday boy mentioned in the fun fun posts. When you look up (google) his email (quicksilver0011) I see some other …

  19. T.J.!! I heard you have been reading these. Good. I have something to say to you. You owed us $5000. You thought we would forget? I know where you live, work, what you drive, everything.

    I know you are just a loser who thought someone else should pay your debts. But you were asked to pay that back. Anyways, since you kept making excuses, we came up with the idea of selling all that home made p**n of yourself. Remember for the past 3 years you stupidly kept sending someone all those videos? I was a bit surprised you kept shoving everything in your booty. But whatever. I told your ex to sell them a while ago. She got over $5000. So your debt is paid now. But ummm, what did you think would happen after you sent them? Even a few months ago you sent more. I find them gross. But she sent them to a gay website and they did very well.

    I’m not sure if you think you are something special and your odd body would be a turn on to her, but you got no where, but sold!

  20. So gross!! This sicko is alive yet?! While nice, normal and respectable people die everyday. Unbelievable!!

    I won’t shop at Walmart ever again, if this is the types of pukes they employ. Seeing him lick underwear in that picture makes me wonder what he does to underwear he handles at work. And definitely am grossed out by what he’s doing to that hair brush. Sick sick man. Walmart should send this guy to therapy. He obviously needs some help. He already had a drug problem, so keep him away from pills. He’d just get a new addiction.

    I’m shocked he has a “friend”. A coworker on top of it. Just shows me Walmart doesn’t care who works for them. And let’s nasty men like this handle merchandise. I can’t imagine he knows what soap is. G*d he looks high in his pictures. Definitely not a drug free work environment at Walmart in Menomonie.

    Thank you to the people sharing this page so we know this creep is out roaming the streets.

  21. Thomas was arrested for lewd behavior!! About time!! You can find proof of arrest on c.c.a.p or Wisconsin Circuit Court records. Arrested just a couple weeks ago.

  22. I am sure he will get out of this, cause he knows how to manipulate people. But T.J. Johnson was arrested recently for lewd behavior. I hope this weirdo finally gets therapy or something.

    If you look at Wisconsin Circuit Court access, you will see he was arrested. Please be aware of this man if you live near him. Keep your kids away from him.

    1. Arrested for

      Lewd, Lascivious Behavior-Exposure


      (b) Publicly and indecently exposes genitals or pubic area.

      Well no one should be surprised. He had a history of masterbating at the laundry mat, in his car and in front of his apartment windows.

      And if he found a person willing to, he liked hooking up with people, where others could see them hooking up. Such as parking lots, parks, cars or where ever else. He loves showing off his privates to anyone.

      And judging by his pictures, he sends nasty pics too.

  23. Well now that he has been arrested for his lewd behavior, can they do anything about his murder stories? I hope he never killed someone but he has told a couple people stories he’s killed people. There is a posting on this site, that originally had been on craigslist, showing he went by a fake name but used his real email address when telling someone he would do any thing, including murder. Then he told another girl he killed his baby mama. Even if he didnt kill someone, I would like to think it’s not okay to tell people you have done it.

  24. So “Batman” was arrested!! Not long after his birthday too. I bet that was fun explaining to his family.

    Omg I bet the loser got his mug shot in his stupid Batman t-shirt too.

    I will be sharing this site. Mainly to give others a heads up this guy is an odd ball who creeps parks, laundromat’s, stores and the Internet. And video recorded masterbating in public places.

    I hope he gets banned from the laundromat. The one by River Heights school. Yes he did some of this at a laundromat full of large glass windows near the elementary school.

    Keep your kids safe, keep them away from this guy.

  25. The Craigslist Creeper/ Menomonie Masterbater is Thomas “T.J.” Johnson. He is a huge psycho! Former name is Thomas Link. He steals, especially from neighbor’s and family. He also watched his neighbors while he masterbated and recorded himself while standing at his windows.

  26. I just read a report today that a man in Madison is serving 6 months for posting revenge p**n pics on the Internet. Wonder what’s gonna happen to you? I can’t wait to find out!

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