Thomas John Link Johnson Menomonie Wi U.S.A

Thomas Johnson is a male s**t. He is bi sexual and started having sexual relationships in junior high. He brags he has had s*x with over 200 people. He brags about secretly recording some of the people. He is a drug addict with an arrest record. He is also a weirdo. He enjoys public m**********n. He has kids he denies. He hates everyone but will be fake to get what he wants from people. He uses everyone. He is a sociopath. He is also a huge snitch. He tells on other druggies and dealers.



5 thoughts on “Thomas John Link Johnson Menomonie Wi U.S.A

  1. From December 2014. When he thought his work was gonna drug test him. Apparently people complained about his behavior at work. He passes all drug tests anyways. He buys kits online. The fake pee in a bottle that comes with a hot pack to warm up the bottle. He forgot it that day. So was freaking and trying to get people to go get the fake pee for him.

  2. That’s a 31 year old man. Looks like a stoner kid. Big druggie in Menomonie, WI. Also sleeps with anyone and everyone. His neighbors said he had a girl arrested this winter for smacking him around when she found out he had been cheating.

    Did I mention he has never been loyal to a woman or man in his life. Google him and find out more.

    He works at Walmart D.C. They claim to be a drug free work place, but even after he was arested for drugs, the place still keeps him around. Biggest puke you could ever meet.

  3. Thomas Johnson was arrested for lewd behavior. About time!! I’m sure the weirdo will some how get charges dropped like he did before for drug charges.
    You can find arrest on Wisconsin Circuit Court access website.

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