Thomas J Geygan Jr. Geygan & Geygan, Ltd. Attorneys at law – Lousy Lawyer

My husband went to this lawyer to become a US residence. This is a lousy and unprofessional lawyer who had dissapointed me and my husband greatly when he had asked for more money to continue with the immigration process. In fact before we hired him he offered $2,000.00 for the whole case. We paid $2,000.00 to him and $2,010.00 to immigration. He did not prepare us correctly for the immigration hearing as well. Prior to the hearing he tried to charge us extra money ($340.00)for the I-130 receipt from immigration but I had already requested it and paid for it to immigration. Showed him my money order receipt of $340.00. At one time, my husband was sitting in the waiting room when Mr. Geygan approached his sectary and refer my husband as a criminal(called him a criminal to his secretary) My husband overheard him and they both began to argue with each other because my husband was offended. Two weeks later after the argument, Immigration requested additional paperwork to be filed and Mr. Geygan Jr. requested $4,000.00 to continue with the case. I ended up preparing and filing the additional paperwork to immigration myself and paid only $545.00 to them, hopefully he will get his US residence card. After paying this lawyer all this money and ended up having to finish the process myself is a scam. We wasted our time and money on this con man. I would not recommend him to my worse enemy.

Thomas Geygan Jr Attorneys at law
8050 Hosbrook Rd
Ste 107
Cincinnati, OH 45236
(513) 791-1673


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