Taylor Adkins, Surprise, Arizona

My husband and I have been together 9 years, marries 5. We have 4 children together. About a year ago this c**t slept with my husband. I’ve met her a couple times through a mutual friend, she’s met my children and been to my home. My husband and her had an affair for a month. I noticed charges in surprise which was odd. He started texting me less, more arguements a over tiny things. Basically making me feel like a low piece of s**t. He started having s*x with me less, when we use to go at it like animals. I got it out of him one morning and he confessed everything. He said he didn’t want her he wanted me the usual speel of a cheating man. He said he doesn’t want to be with a person that would ruin a marriage. Funny. A month goes by and she contacts him saying she’s pregnant. Low and behold she is. She’s slept with my husbands friend and his friend which was her boyfriend at the time she met us. I’m at a place where I’m just done with everything. I thought I could stick it out, but no woman can do this by themselves. I hope she gets hers.


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