Tatjana Miko, Tatjana Roland, mstatjana, mstatjana msenterprises01@hotmail.com, 67doors67, 67mstatjana67, Tyler tx,marble falls TX, winter park fla, atwood ks, Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, California United states, Hungary and Germany

I feel that this borderline gypsy is dangerous, she’ll f**k your neighbors, cousins Facebook friends and boss, she is a master manipulator…. she’s always a victim…. she lies cheats and steals… she stole her ex bfg3@direction.net birth certificate, titles to his boat and jetskis… when I found him he said she also stole all of his furniture… she argues about everything and anything… she hates men, she’s sloppy lazy dirty tree hugging gypsywitch that can’t keep a job… gets furred or quits… she will post a fake gofundme page while age f***s you…. she friends on fb abdomen guess through ask of your s**t… she’s also had the oddest profession…..she lies about G*d…. she’s untrustworthy and leaves a trail of victims…


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