Tatiana Ermakova, Saratov, Russia

Tatiana Ermakova who is from Saratov, Russia is a racist and a bigot and the chief target or main focus of her bigotry and racism happens to be against African-American males or Black men due to being against their Black skin color. Tatiana Ermakova is a good liar and falsifier who will try to deny this or side step away from this but as one person put it: “Truth is Powerful and it Prevails,” and it is indeed the Truth about Tatiana Ermakova that she is a racist against Black men or African-American men-this is especially true for relations/relationship intentions with them (and we are not just speaking here of simply friendship purposes with them by the way). The racism of Tatiana Ermakova is hideously evil, atrociously repugnant, and maliciously vengeful just like she is and all that is said about her remains one-hundred percent Truthful. Of course, people like Tatiana Ermakova will try to rebuff, refute, and disclaim this with their lies, deceit, and deception because they hate the Truth being exposed about who they are as in the case of Tatiana Ermakova from Russia but as one saying again says: “People hate the Truth, Luckily the Truth does not care.”


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