Tanya Iwan Tatman, Spokane, Washington

Tanya Marie Iwan Tatman from Spokane, Washington has been having an affair on her husband currently serving in the Air Force. She initially was married when she met him, cheated on her first husband, who is also an Air Force Service member, with multiple men, while her current husband was deployed she had multiple affairs, even one where she admitted by sworn statement she only gave him, presumably to keep him from getting charged with adultery. This girl is the Fairchild revolving door and is an embarrassment to all military wives. Currently she is dating another service member, however, she is ALSO sleeping with at least three other people behind his back including MY husband. She traps these men, with her current husband she used two children, and uses them so she can sit on her fat a*s all day and eat frozen pizza while comfortably neglecting them. She should NOT have base access as she brings multiple Muslim men on the base with her (presumably she is sleeping with them two), with the possibility of creating a risk to all service members serving on Fairchild Air Force Base. Consider yourselves warned. She will lie, and take advantage. She is a mockery to the military by association and an embarrassment to anyone who spends time with her. She is nothing more than a low life white trash w***e with a second grade education.



3 thoughts on “Tanya Iwan Tatman, Spokane, Washington

  1. Her husband is having an affair with a married woman.
    You can find him on Cheaterville and other sites. SAdly it appears that this post was created by married woman her husband is having an affair with.
    This same cheating womEn went on Cheaterville and defended her adultery. She apparently hates any Muslim and is just an avowed adulteress

  2. Okay…her husbands Name is Devin Tatman.
    According to the Cheaterville post, the military ordered him to have no contact with Biannca Vanderwater over charges of adultery.
    There is a post from B iannca on the Cheatervilld post in which she defends her adultery.
    Apparently its a shoot out between Devin wife and B iannca. Who will win D evins bed? Which will have the honor of sharing his sheets? There mY be more women competing for the prize..so whichever wins will alwAys be on guard against the next contestant…

  3. This is rich. Biannca calling someone a w***e when she is a w***e who is having an affair with Tanya’s husband. I highly doubt Biannca’s husband is having an affair with Tanya Tatman. That sounds like delusional bs and maybe wishful thinking so she can justify her adultery. After reading this post, Biannca sounds like the bunny boiler type of w***e. Lying, stupid hypocrite.

    P.S. You also may want to check your grammar Miss Know It All Biannca – “them two.”

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