Tanya Florian, Lawton, Oklahoma

She’s in the army. Has zero respect for herself or others. Tanya Florian will have s*x with anything that has a p***s and does not care one bit if that p***s already belongs to someone. (Married, engaged, in a relationship). She gives all other fellow female soldiers a bad rap.


One thought on “Tanya Florian, Lawton, Oklahoma

  1. She’s 100% aware of what can happen if the army finds out about her hoe-ness and her coming between other couples. She just could care less about anyone else, clearly. She wonders why she’s single and divorced but “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewive” and its the truest thing. No man is going to want to be with someone who 1) gives it up VERY easily 2) gives it up to everyone and anyone and shoot….if you’re ok with being the side chick why would they want to tie that down?! Karma will come for her and come hard

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