Tammy Rifkin, Columbia, Missouri, USA

Tammy Rifkin who is the mother of Chassity Inlow who has been already reported on this site is a racist bigot just like her daughter since both are against being with males for serious relationship purposes who are nonwhite mainly males who are African-American or Black in particular because these women happen to detest and have great hatred towards the skin color of these males believing that these males are inferior people because of their skin complexion.

This is despicable and disgusting to say the least and must be highlighted about Tammy Rifkin and Chassity Inlow. It only shows the ugly hearts that these bigots have but thankfully they are exposed now for all the world to see along with the ugliness of their racism and color prejudice. This is cheating because mean-spirited and nauseating racism cheats people from their identity as being fellow humans with everyone else who are humans regardless of skin coloration.

Forever being condemned seems to be what needs to happen to Tammy Rifkin and Chassity Inlow and thankfully this is what they are well deserving of for their repulsive, revolting, noxious, and rotten racist bigotry and race-filled hatred because of the sick-making and vile racist people that they are.


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