Tammy Mcdainel, Florida

Tammy was my best friend we work to gather, and became very close spent hoildays to gather her kid played with my.One day she told me she could not be my friend anymore! I was hurt and did understand why, but I moved on with my life, then one day a few months later a girl came to me and asked me if i new who Tammy was dating? I said no why? she said william. I said william who? she said my kids dad of 17 yrs he meet her in my house, me and william had went to Tammy mom and dad house for dinner on chrismass one yr with ours, now I am told I have to let my kids are around her! and be a better women and get over it. by far do I want William any more I just dont want that fat nasty pig around my kids. The pic is of them of last chrismass with her kid he never taking pic with his own kids in the last 17 yrs Kat.


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