Dana Dyer Golson & Chuck Golson of Trussville Alabama

Notorious cheaters and destroying our small town.

He uses his deer hunting escapades to further his status and con men into convincing their wives to have a**l s*x with him and she uses her sweet smile and perky b***s to manipulate the next dude the having s*x with her. He videos the women he’s with and uses it to coerce them into more s*x or blackmail to let his friends use them for s*x too.

Both act like they are your friends. Stay away

In high school Dana’s b***s were like little pancakes. She had them when chuck married her and he didn’t pay. It was either Jamie her ex or the dr she was cheating with. rumor has it Jamie paid for the toys but didn’t get use of the toys Rofl
I think he caught wind the B**b doctor & the cheater was one and the same. Anythings possible, It’s walker county, Jerry springer ain’t got anything on us.