Robert (Bobby) John Beer. Torquay, Devon

Gave his pregnant partner an STD, cheated on said partner with men and women. Compulsive liar, addicted to granny p**n and cocaine. Beat his partner to a pulp and assaulted her child when pulled up on his cheating and lies, turns out he has history of violence/threats of violence to at least 3 other ex partners. Has numerous children by different mothers – all of which he is not allowed to see. Turned violent when questioned on why he was following 100s of school girls on social media.

Diego Masmarques (aka Rick Mas Howard) of Massachusetts

This is the convicted murderer and rapist that’s gone around defaming and harassing Aaron Greenspan all over the internet. Greenspan has a restraining order against this cyberstalker who’s turned to consistently cyber bullying him when he can’t get to him physically. Ignore whatever nonsense and lies that he spews about Greenspan and his family.

Phil schepens

This thing of a person will stalk you and harass you until he does whatever he can to hurt you and your family and financially. The state of Florida needs to put a stop to it, every time they have him they let him go so he can move on to the next one. You don’t even have to know him or his family that is how crazy he is. Loose cannon and from his records women it looks like he cheats on his wife with multiple people. How man restraining orders or arrest does it take to put a stop to him?

Jennifer Sullivan Moore, Lisbon NY

Jennifer Sullivan Moore is a lying, manipulative, crazy, bipolar, narcissistic piece of c**p that makes up stories to make herself look good. She’s conceited and cruel. Her evil manipulative ways are sick and twisted. She has no heart and will lie to get her own way. She blackmailed her husband into getting married by getting pregnant then begged to have another child. He stayed long enough to raise his kids and then left. She has brainwashed her kids into hating their father and has lied to them to make sure they don’t talk to him. She never gave him the space he asked for and he finally got sick of her bullshit and left and now she’s blaming a woman that he works with because she’s too much of a coward to admit she screwed up. You can’t get pregnant and expect to keep a man and treat him like s**t. Sooner or later he’s gonna leave and there’s no one to blame but yourself. It’s pretty sad when a man chooses to be alone and accept that his kids hate him vs. living with a lunatic. Your perfect world came crashing down and now you have no one to blame but yourself and your too stupid to admit it. So sad that you talk about everyone behind their back. If your family and friends only knew what you have said about them when they aren’t around they would definitely look at you differently. You cut hair and make fun of your customers after they leave. You judge people without knowing who they are and you have your two boys believing everything. You are sick and no kid of mother, any mother that would turn her kids against their father is not a mother she’s a monster. I don’t know how you sleep at night! BTW…the private investigator you hired, ripped you off LOL

Matthew Brandon Howard, Matt B Howard- scottsdale, az

Lied about age, languages he spoke, not having a car, not having a job… he lived with parents, was three years younger than what he said, had no car, and no job.
He refused to wear a condom.
He said that it was my fault that while I was at work he jizzed all over my couch, pillows, carpet, remotes, and g*d knows what else. I had to throw things away or get them professionally cleaned.
When I dumped him he threatened to commit suicide because of me. I had to call the cops.
Then after all of this he emailed me from a fake email account saying he was a messenger of g*d and that I needed to get back together with him because G*d said so. Super psycho and super scary.

paul stanley Fredrick Derrick

only wants to hit &run.
liar, wont keep a job. plays mental games Gaslighting he is a true narcissists and self medicates. rages and will really hurt you. has child abuse cases also.
smooth talker, but u will regret it and you will be posting next. sad that men are this way.
always in and out of jail and of doc all over
from florida to maine to cali and washington state he has crimimal charges in every county practically.
he comes thru, takes what he can steal also beats elderly people into singing off on life insurance etc.
has impersonating law enforcement. read more about him and see his pic on badboyreport mcfadden and womensavers.