Kathy A Thomas, Amboy, Illinois

She likes to come between her adult son and who he dates&has children with. Once I stood up to her she decided to play she a victim.she has no remorse. She plays her son and who he dates against one another.She tells the gfs “he has a right to abuse her if she don’t work.”she slaps and pulls the womens hair that he dates. She an abuser herself. She likes to stalk his gfs and exs on FB then has nerve to get court order that she a victim. She makes her son choose between her and who has children with. Shes a homewrecker that is evil. This chic will file to get custody of your child for revenge for dating her adult son. She admitted to smoothering her new grandson by leaving the infant for the night under 6 months in a playpen and woke to him screaming. The baby was unable to uncover him self. Then this b***h begs her son to give her the child’s mother’s special days like Mother’s day& his son’s birthday. He aint no innocent guy either. Her son abuses females found guilty in past for battery on a girl, had a restraining order from another& him and his mom parential alienated one of his kids moms from their kid. Hes controlling like her. She opens his mail, she contacts his gfs employers or past ones, she calls his kids moms father telling him her dad shouldnt help his kids mom with finances at times. She is more than interfering and over uses the entilted grandma excuse. She would spend years callin her son up manipulating and guilt tripping him if he dont tell her his private business in his dating relationship. She is a abuser to him. Mentally emotionally as she makes him feel she wont love him if he dont choose her and let her make decisions in his adult life. Shes a pathetic women who stayed dating a crack addict for years that used her for her pathetic pay. She spent years on her b**t typing on a computer. While talking c**p about her sons gf. She believes the sons dating relationship is hers with him and even goes as far to push the women out of the relationship. Yet cant understand that does mean there possibility shes incestious. Theres 2 different kinds of incest. She refers to his sons as her kids and constantly wants her son to make her grandkids have no bio mom by askin he get the mothers out of their lives. She raised him to watch her ex abuse her and spent yrs being a fake hypocrite. Watch out for this women. No matter what you do or say or what job or career you have this women makes it a habit of making sure her adult son has broken relationahips. She likes to comment hope you didnt spend much on the ring when he proposed to a chic he was once with. She asks to know the womens premenstrual cycle information. She will say you use him then complain when you get money from a job or another person. She is the type of mom who never could understand your child is not your companion/boyfriend and hes grown. Almost 40 he is and she thinks it her job to over step more than just the normal amount a mom would. Im not crazy this women is.she told lies his 2nd kids mom had a c section for their childs birth. That lady never did. But she kept telling lies about her. She insinuated she didnt contribute to her childs birth and favors her 1st grandson over this ladys which is abusive to the kids. In fact she paid for her 1st grandson till he 14 while that kids mom was getting prego by other men. This women aint no lady and spent 8 years coming between her adult sons relationship even after they have a child together. Watch out for this homewrecker as she constantly convinces her sonny boy she needs chosen and she causes more problems than they as a couple already had.she wrecked her 2nd grandsons parents relationship and the grand son dont like her. He crys and screams to not be left with her. Wonder why after the child was indanger by her in past and probably senses she not a good person. Karmas a b***h you home wrecker liar and your grandson had every right to smack her in the face after she smacked his mother in past and says she feels she dont owe her an apology. Violence is never ok but according to her mothering she raised her son to put bruises on his and she smacks his gfs. These two gang up on the chics he dates watch out. They never admit they in the wrong for their behavior and they make the bio moms loose their kids. They abuse the women legally after years of physically and mentally emotionally. Watch out mother from h**l she is. She also needs in his s*x life. As if she has a place there. Crazy delusional women who is on hormonal& crazy pills. Shes pathetic, she cant ever let her son be a family with a women and cant grow up herself.she has a mental handy cap that makes her unable to understand its not her place in his private life.he has even told her off and it not her business. Ha her son has and spent yrs being angry she has NO respect to him nor anyone he dates nor has children with. She commited parential alienation on the 1st kids mom. Causing damage to the childs relationahip with his mom. This b***h is ruthless she has no remorse and behaves like it the chic he dates fault acts like its HER dating relationship. Shes a emotionally incestious and mental abusive to her son. Gosh forbid he dont choose her she spends years making a wedge and tryin to cut the chic out of her own relationship. This b***h has no respect for his kids 2nd mom what so ever and is a liar who stalked her FB in past and in recent yr then made a court order for no contact um that woman never wanted this nut job to be in her relationship anyhow nor contact. What a wacko.Then wants her son to explain why his kids mom over. None of your business!! They have a child together you kathy did NOT.She needs higher dose of mental pills.This manipulative nut trys to replace his kids bio moms. Yuck.She’s sick,gross, pathetic& unremorseful breaking up a family in 2015. And i dont care about any typing errors so if the b***h that replying in comments has a problem go f**k off. U should be posted up here too. Homewrecker cheated on her husband too in past and sat on her a*s for 12 yrs in her exs house. Lazy b***h. Pathetic she goes after her adult sons relationships cause shes a lonely pathetic loser.