Rachel Kaminsky Boyd, Grand Blanc Michigan

713 Morningside Dr, Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Rachel Kaminsky Boyd is a habitual cheater who repeatedly takes advantage of her husband Thomas’s naivety. She’s been secretly hooking up with her f**k buddy Jake Rothman because she can’t let go of those romantic days when they got high from meth together. Also Thomas Boyd’s packages are so tiny that she needs Jake to fulfill her daily satisfactions. Rachel recently gave birth to Jake’s child and we just feel so sorry that Thomas has to raise somebody’s kid for the rest of his life. Rachel is a fake and scam, we hope she loses her family due to her compulsive cheating.

Kyle Price aka Pete New Jersey

He is a cheater no matter how you look at it. He uses the polyamory lifestyle to excuse his cheating and says he doesn’t believe in cheating. In actuality in the polyamory lifestyle you only bring in people that are also a part of the lifestyle. He does not do this. He hooks up with whoever whenever he feels the need. He is broke and has never paid for anything until now because he has to (No one to pay for his cars, place to live etc). He is a narcissist and likes to control women. Everything has to be his way. He is immature and stuck at being a boy. He can call himself a man but he is far from it. When the heat gets turned up he runs!

Doug Clark Florence Kentuck

Keeps two to three women going at all times.
He likes transvestites because they make him feel less gay
He is an abusive alcoholic
nothing is ever his fault
He is cheap, you go “dutch” or pay for most. He will “take you out” to one of his customers hoping he does not have to pay for food or drink.
He will cheat on you every time you do not do what he wants you to do. It’s his way or no way.
He will isolate you and never let you go out with or see your friends. If you do he will cheat on you.

Slutty Jade DiCesare of Hopewell Junction, NY


Disgusting c**t who manipulates others and backstabs them, in relationships she uses people when she’s with someone else, in other words she’s a player. Also weird thing is that she’s a preschool teacher whose said some racist s**t behind people’s back about color and race. She called me a spigger behind my back. Fake person who pretends to be nice. People of color and fellow mixed race people who are reading this, beware of the manipulative b***h and to the others who were hurt in previous relationships… run to the hills…