Diego MasMarques of Marlborough, Massachusetts (MA), Greenspan’s Cyberstalker

Get a move on with your life, Loser! No one cares about the stupid c**p that you’ve been posting about Aaron Greenspan and his family. You’re the real bully here. Just like what you’ve done to Greenspan and some others, the same can be done to you. Since you don’t like being outed like this… STOP with the bullshit!

Diego Masmarques of Woburn, Massachusetts (MA) is Aaron Greenspan’s Obsessive Cyberstalker and Harasser

Diego Masmarques may be bipolar and dangerous and should not be approached. He has consistently been slandering and defaming Greenspan and his family webwide. Much of his lies are actually what Masmarques does himself, which he wrongly projects onto Greenspan as displacement. This criminal has violated the terms of the restraining order served to him on October 9, 2018. Also, he’s possibly gay with his constant postings of Greenspan in gay pornographic content. Perhaps he fantasizes doing Greenspan with BDSM in the bedroom while jerking off to his pictures. LOL

This is the case that Greenspan had shared on his site regarding this matter: https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/3a4l9qm45/superior-court-of-california-county-of-santa-clara/greenspan-v-masmarques/

Don’t believe whatever bullshit this insane, bipolar, psychopathic crackhead spews out.

Diego Masmarques (aka Rick Mas Howard) of Massachusetts

This is the convicted murderer and rapist that’s gone around defaming and harassing Aaron Greenspan all over the internet. Greenspan has a restraining order against this cyberstalker who’s turned to consistently cyber bullying him when he can’t get to him physically. Ignore whatever nonsense and lies that he spews about Greenspan and his family.


Billie Jean Guinn – Oxford, PA – USA

*Junkie Alert*

Billie Guinn from Oxford, Pennsylvania is all used up from dirty needles and unprotected s*x she has had. This loser has been on drugs for years. Anyone who shoots up and whores her p***y for a fix, as long as she has, is one you need to avoid! As you can tell by her photo, she looks rode hard and put away, diseased.

Billie is a 50 year old hag with a mile-long criminal record. She is a thief, a snitch, a tweaker, and a life-long trouble maker. Billie Guinn is bad luck and bad news! Avoid her at all costs! Trouble and bullshit follow this woman, wherever she goes.

She was arrested a few months ago for receiving stolen goods, from a CVS pharmacy, along with other charges. Years ago, Billie Guinn robbed a Dollar General store and beat up the cashier. She never learns from her mistakes, and always goes back to a life of drugs and committing crimes, once she’s released. She can’t do anything right and she can’t keep out of trouble. Billie Guinn is a career criminal. There is no hope for this loser!

Men, avoid this hag! Some of you sickos out there like getting that back-alley gum job from toothless meth whores, but this is one tweaker you need to avoid! She’ll either rob you, assault you, or will rat you out to the cops. Billie is also known for being a stalker and a psycho ball & chain girlfriend too. Beware!

Billie Guinn has a family. She also has prison as her second home. Let them deal with her! Do yourself a favor and stay the h**l away from this worthless, drug addicted, diseased criminal!

Kevin Barton Shaw Beaverton Oregon US

This man is a liar, cheater and abuser. He cheated on his fiancé, threw her out of their home to move his new girlfriend in and pulled a gun on her. He plead guilty to a plea deal to reduce 2 felony and 1 misdemeanor charge to 1 felony misuse of a firearm in Washington County Oregon, September 2017.
He is currently engaged to the new girlfriend, but likely not for long. He is very charismatic and very self absorbed.

Mackenzie Brigg 14 Cushing Drive Danbury CT USA

Mackenzie Rigg (DOB: March 4, 1985) is an illegal immigrant from MEXICO. She writes for a local liberal newspaper online about illegal immigration and has an extremist ANTI-AMERICAN sentiment. The newspaper is based in Danbury CT (333 Main Street) and has an office in Norwalk CT (301 Merritt 7). She is extremely violent and has used false identification to register to vote. Has committed IDENTITY THEFT and VOTER FRAUD. Also Mackenzie Rigg has been known to work as a PROSTITUTE. She has several STIs and could be HIV POSITIVE.