Tabitha Crisp, Spartanburg, South Carolina

This w***e has been with over 288 men and counting…Tabitha is just crazy mentally f****d in the head, she thinks shes pretty but shes not shes a very evil person, always has been. Tabitha Crisp is a w***e addict whose husband is in prison for murder. Shes given up or lost custody of her 3 children by two fathers to Purdue a life of dope and finding married men to cheat on her husband with. shes a nasty home wrecking addict.


One thought on “Tabitha Crisp, Spartanburg, South Carolina

  1. Whoever wrote are very childish and you need to get a life…seriously u have nothing better to do with your life than sit around posting s**t about people on the internet???Your pathetic….shes not the only one with mental problems…lol…You have no idea what this woman has been through in her life so until you can walk a mile in her shoes you should keep your mouth shut…Seems like someboys a lil jealous….ohh yea why didnt you let everyone know whos the bad a*s that posred this?????

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