Steven Joseph Barrett STD, California

He has family in Louisiana and California. A son in Nevada that has nothing to do with him. This is because Steven Barrett terminated his paternal rights when his son was very young. Steven is a covert narcissist who has destroyed many lives. He gave me and his new/other girlfriend a STD that he got from a street hooker that I caught him with. He does not use protection and doesn’t care who he makes sick. Its all about him. His breath smells like b**t due to his lack of dental hygiene. He has a bipolar 2 diagnosis’s and self medicates. He uses drugs and steals to support his many addictions. P**n, Drugs and Hookers. Steven Joseph Barrett is a loser. He pretends to be well off, and as many narcissist men are in the beginning, he’s a charmer and made me feel like a princess. He claimed to want a relationship and wanted to take care of me. The day before my birthday I busted him cheating on me. Women in Louisiana were calling me asking who I was after catching him texting me. He made both of us think we were the only ones. Steven is in his late 40’s, and sleeps with girls half his age. I believe they are escorts or just easy for him to manipulate because of their age. He has a very bad temper and when withdrawing from medication destroyed a strangers car with his bare hands. He is a liar. He’s sneaky and is unable to show emotions. Steven Barrett broke my heart and when confronted, stole my jewelry and vanished. He is in Moss Beach, California which is on the Coast living in a house his Mother and her girlfriend own. He travels to Denham Springs, New Orleans & Baton Rouge Louisiana. This man has a very bad aura around him. He is no good. He’s been married a few times. Left his wives without a cent to their name after cleaning out their back accounts, filing for divorce and moving on to his next. He works in the Sprinkler industry, fire protection, but has been suspended from this for falsifying inspection tags while high of drugs. This is not some joke. This man is dangerous and cannot be trusted. Bayview Fire Protection. He has no problem s******g over anyone. He is unable to love and sucks you completely dry emotionally. He hates personal questions so if in doubt ask a few.


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