Steve Amos, Lincoln, England

He will be your best friend a shoulder to lean on and someone to laugh with. He will be your rock through the hard times will build up your confidence and will make you feel alive again, you will feel loved, desirable, wanted. You will feel that you belong and found. He’s not like most men you have met. Could this be too good to be true?
I found that he has been seeing someone and possibly many more on the side though an online social site. I’m positive now there has been others before her. Left pregnant and broken. Kicked down again, I found he had been on dating sites while with me and gaming sites chatting up various women. Mainly divorced women with children.
Don’t be fooled. He will start to show signs of jealousy which might appear to be sweet at first. It will progress into feeling guilty being friends with certain people, spending casual time with friends , you will feel guilty in wearing a one piece swimming costume; he will be on your case about flaunting your body, you will be checked up on, who you know, who you are talking with, you will be accused for cheating, he belittle your work, belittle your friends, you will feel so low and beaten. I spoke with few of the other women, they didn’t think it would happen to them. This guy can juggle, lie, and cheat his way into your heart. Don’t even consider giving this man a chance. Run! He will never change. He will always be about himself for himself!


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