Stephen Swaney, Smithfield, North Carolina

I met him through POF (he has multiple dating websites and solicits girls through his IG of the same name). He broke up with me when a person attacked me at a bar, saying it was MY fault I got myself into this situation. Months later he will call, apologize, then a week later he is back to giving death threats, calling me every vulgar name in the book, and has threatened to post my nudes online after I blocked his phone number. He will make you think you are special but he literally has s*x with multiple women a week that he has met on all of those profiles, and will even drive 2 hours within NC to have s*x. DON’T go near him!!!!!!! He claims he is a former Navy MA but it looks like that is a lie as well. He is VERY violent and will cheat. don’t let that childish personality fool you. he is crazy.


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