stephanie perry mccullough, richfield minnesota

Please Tell Us About My Ex Be as detailed as possible. We wa Stephanie mccullough
Millworks manager at menards in MN
this is what she looked like right before she went to Utah give the dog to her friend to watch,
thats when she disappeared for a week then called me so i picked her up took her to motel6, when she
said that she was drugged and raped and had me look at her p***y, that and her a*****e
where so swollon that I couldnt make out what I was looking at, and she didnt want to call the
police or go to hospital, or let me handle it( which made me suspicious) two years later
disappearing hrs here and there, when she runs off again, I decide to call him he says I’ve
been watting for you to get ahold of me brother it ain’t like she toldyou I did not rape her we
had a couple shots of tequila I went out of the room when I came back in she was laying
there naked with his big pink ditdo, (I asked about hers after we returned to idaho and she
said she didnt know) he tells me she was not even there all the time stoped in to shower alot
cuz she was a free spirit (if you know what I mean) then he tells me the rest of the story it all
fits very well i had given her a really nice gold ring with a diamond, she traded it that night 4
bag of dope and spent two days f*****g anyone that showed up girls guys BOTH,gangbangs, then
told me it was rape, told her mom it was rape, told the hospital in Idaho Falls I was raped,
told my parents it was rape, even uncle dusty she was raped, and in my heart I knew it it was a lie, but I loved so I had to believe her,.we came down again get a room get some drugs she
runs off again tells me she’s gotta go get her clothes and stuff and the guys in church, come
to find out the other when I was talking to him he was there guess what happened again
right after we just spent 6 hours in a room not sleeping, and that, littlle w***e, little s**t lol liar or all of the above she treated me real bad and let her because I did not not want to be true, love RIGHT our whole two years together started on a foundation of


3 thoughts on “stephanie perry mccullough, richfield minnesota

  1. Thats f****d up, should someond catch something id be killdr mad ,, shes a w***e bra, BAG W***E ,, probably f***s for rides on an Hog,, and blows all the brotners ,,, f*****g c**t

  2. This b***h is from utah, i googled her name and thiz s**t came up,, i walked into my friends place july before last and she was taking 8n every c**k and puss in the place, ALL AT ONCE ,, H**L YEA I TOOK MY TURN TIPPED $10 SO THAY COULD GET HER MORE meth to shove in har p***y , yea she shot it in a vien inside her c**t then layed back put her blind fold on then said do whatever you want so i did

  3. Hey bro I remember her fromfrom Ogden but the story was different. She had you bent over shoving a big d***o fist in your a*s Just like the lame a*s b***h who still doubts her After helping her put 2&2 together. You sick and twisted dude you will get yours

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