Stephanie Minkus, Boca Raton, Florida

Stephanie pursued my husband while knowing he was married. She carried on with him for several months not caring about anything but herself. She would come to him and hide in strange places to f**k him, like my Mercedes. She knew they had to be discreet. I caught them f*****g in my car while 7 months pregnant with our two other children. I was completely devastated and while I don’t blame her she continued to pursue him even after knowing he was committed to me and his children. This is a truly horrible person. She had no respect for herself. My husband was very mean to her yet she would come around and let herself be abused. He would call on her to suck his d*** and she would come to his job get in my car and do it. He never took her out on a date. She liked this treatment. What a pathetic person. She is horrible. I hope she is haunted by my children’s faces and all the lives she ruined. I hope this happens to her when she is pregnant if any one will ever have her!!!


6 thoughts on “Stephanie Minkus, Boca Raton, Florida

  1. What? You blame her for hitting on your husband? She wasn’t committed to you…but you claim he was while he had another woman sucking his d**k? Pretty sure you’re the type that likes being treated like s**t too then…

    1. Why would anyone knowingly f**k around with a married man? Gross! They must be pretty f****d up! Going to a dark alley in a car to suck d**k. Pathetic! Low so!

  2. I’d like to talk to who ever posted this. I just ended a year and a half relationship with Ms. Minkus and I’d like to talk to someone about her and find out what I’ve been lied to about.

  3. This lady should post her husband on here not just this woman. Both are equally in the wrong, if not more on the husband.

  4. Where is the photo or her husband, if i was Stephanie i would put her husband next to her to show it takes 2

  5. The reason being was he was probably paying here. What most don’t know is she’s a wannabe p**n star and an escort…….I should know. I dated her and she lied and used me.

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