Stephanie Connolly, Blue Springs, Missouri

Stephanie Connolly lives in Blue Springs, MO and has NEVER remained faithful to a boyfriend in her 27-ish years – not once. Everything revolves around s*x for her. There is nothing in her life but how much s*x she’s getting, and for the most part, she doesn’t care where it comes from or whether she’s already in a relationship. She’s constantly on the lookout for her next lay. Before you step up and volunteer for that job, understand that she will drop you at the first sign of trouble, and it will ALWAYS be your fault. She will cheat all she wants and tell whatever lies she has to, and in her mind, it will all be justified because of something YOU did (or didn’t do). She has at least one STD, molluscum contagiosum, commonly known as water warts.


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