Stephanie Ciampini, Blanchard, Idaho

This woman wants a few good men, especially yours. She hides behind a “good Christian” label, and a will be quite judgmental of others who does as she does (pregnancy out of wedlock, adultery, etc.). She even had s*x with another man in her daughter’s bed. She is open to analthing, as long as she can open her legs. She treats her husband like a doormat because she knows he will never leave her. She has lived in many cities on both coasts as well as Europe. She also has ties to NC & Virginia, so watch out. Her latest spot is Idaho (I da Ho) – how ironic is that? She is great at sweet talking the men and playing a poor victim. My former husband was one of the pieces of s**t she played. She has plenty of time to “sneak into town by herself” so she can talk….or whatever else floats your boat. FYI – According to her husband, her mother is just like her. Anything is on the table with her.


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