Stacy Sharp Gammons, Nashville, Tennessee

This woman came into my finances work and pursued him by doing business with him over and over again. He asked her to stop and she kept on. An affair began and I began to receive phone calls and she even contacted my mother and after we broke up she contacted me and harassed me and my children. The threats continued I had to install a security camera at my Home. She said if she could not have him no one could. She continued to call and text me. The emotional distress has been overwhelming. From letting me know she knows where I live where my children attend school etc. She is in HR at Pinnacle Bank in Nashville. She has destroyed me and my Families.


One thought on “Stacy Sharp Gammons, Nashville, Tennessee

  1. D**n this b***h is crazy! I work only few blocks from her. She should come over to my place so that your cheating fiance can go back to you.

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