Sophia Moeller, Yuma, Arizona

This girl is a complete attention *****. All she cares about is people paying attention to her she gets off on starting trouble with the men who she dates. She loves dating guys who are married or have girlfriends just to see what she can do to get them to cheat. She makes up lies and gets men in trouble when she is done with them. She will make up abuse allegations and worse. She is fascinated with telling the wife or girlfriend of the guy she cheated with just to see the aftermath of the storm. She will then continue to harass the innocent victim of the slime ball who paid attention to her. She thinks she is gorgeous but she has too many moles all over her body and she thinks they are beauty marks. She is a horrible mother to her kids. She neglects them just to have s*x with strange men. She is obsessed with taking pictures of herself and trying to manipulate men to buy her things. She is an avid LIAR and will never be telling you the truth no matter what. She is usually having s*x with 10-20 men at a time and she WILL film it if you go to her house to blackmail you!!! Don’t do it!! Don’t fall for her, she will RUIN your LIFE! If you know her and are attracted to her in any way, you need serious help and need to think about what you are doing.


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