Sidney Z. Haider, San Francisco, California

I have been having an on and off affair with Sidney Haider. I just recently found out that he has been s******g around with several other whores and he is even married to someone named Zara. He is one of the most dishonest bastards that i have ever known! His d**k is very tiny and he can’t please any woman. He thinks that he is some kind of G*d. In reality he is most likely on G*d’s villian list. He always talks about some of the scams that he has been involved in. I can’t believe that this jerk isn’t doing life in San Quentin. People in general should beware of this career criminal and lousy lover. This son-of -a b***h could change a nine dollar bill into threes,turn on a dime,and give you no change! He uses the user name “BIG C**K”, and I can attest that that IS NOT TRUE! I couldn’t even tell that we were having s*x. He should change his user name to “NO D**K”! When we were having s*x, he got out of breath and couldn’t finish. It didn’t matter,though, because he wasn’t doing anything anyway. I have a baby by him , and the baby has a much larger p***s than Sidney. My baby Hidney Haider is now 3 years old. Sidney wanted me to get an abortion, but I kept my baby and I love him to death. Ladies don’t say that you weren’t warned about this creep.


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