Sherry Tremblay, Edmonton, Alberta

Sherry Tremblay is an immature little girl, not woman who will be with a man for just about a decade and have a child with him but for some reason cant keep her legs closed to just about any other guy that looks at her the right way. She is the definition of home wrecker.



One thought on “Sherry Tremblay, Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I wouldn’t of left you if you weren’t an alcoholic who constantly neglected our son.never did s**t for him,you haven’t seen him in months or wished him a merry Christmas or anything and he’s doing great without you Dakota laliberte.and so you know,codie is doing a great job raising him with me ,you never would of been able to be a good father for our son anyways,also ,I’m having another kid with him and he’s super excited,remember when I got pregnant with mason and you wanted me to abort him ? And you didn’t give me any kind of support ? Even after he was born you said I should of aborted him.shame on you.F*****g dead wanna slam me on a website like this ? F**k you .mason doesn’t need you or your child support because we’ve Been very happy and great without you.your missing out on your perfect beautiful son.and it’s a hundred percent your fault,I never kept him away from you ,and no matter how much I hate you.and wish you would fall off the face of this planet,your welcome to see him

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