Sherry Brewer, Nashville, Tennessee

My ex and I were high school sweet-hearts. we were only married for three years and starting a family. I was having a difficult pregnancy and don’t have s*x much. I found out that he slept with this w**** of a co-worker during my five month. he was only working there as temp. and it was his first month of working there before the devil come to him. I noticed that he was sick and hurting pretty bad so I took him to the local ER. the Dr. know that he had syphilis and checking for others stds. The Dr immediately tested me. Later on that night he test positive for herpes. I freaking out. He was trying to explain only one time. I don’t want to listen. being preg. and high risk I had to stay over night. thank G*d that I was neg. A month later I lost the baby. he was living in his h**l he has to live with herpes and a loss of a baby for the rest of his life. he told me who the w**** was but at that time I don’t want to listen nor be around him. she shattered two very close families for little awhile his mom don’t talk to him. later I want to know who the b**** was . What did she lose. i know a couple of people that worked there and worked with her. they told me she slept with anything. she got a big kick sleeping with married man. i grow more curious and when to work there for a short time. I talk to her she telling stuff. I want to so many thing. there was this one guy not good looking but marry and told people that he would not ever cheat on his wife ever. it was her mission to sleep with him. she was throwing p***y in his face and if she could she would have put it on a gold plate. i still talked to he mother about the heartless, ruthless devil that he slept with. I told her that i still blame him but the devil had a pretty go hold on him. a year going i saw her at a bar by her new work place. i talked to one lady that she was with. she even call the biggest w***e in the factory. she said she has a live in boyfriend at home paying all the bills while she giving bj’s and f****ing in the parking lot. i thinking that was mad about her leaving her by herself. i was watching the show last night and thinking that everyone needs to warned about this piece of s**t….


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