Shelli Dyan Raymond, Pompano, Florida

She works for Publix in the warehouse right next to my husband department she is a co- worker who will spect a divorce woman with a kid ! Ha maybe she could had more respect for a married man with a kid but no she just looks for someone who can pay n do her things move her form Place to place in exchange of s*x lives in a ghetto n has been with a lot of guys at the same place of work and many has left cus of her manipulation n life destruction. She is just a miserable person who has no values n doesn’t know any kind of love or respect not even for herself or her kid having him take out of the apartment that she shares with the mother just to bring another guy into her twin mold and stinky size bed. She is a nobody who let a guy take her into the back of a truck on a Home Depot parking lot just to uses her a*s she a no one who is never gonna find happiness cus she waste her time trying to destroy strong families that we know what love is That’s my story a little distance between my husband n I, and this opportunist tried to compare herself with a me n still my life away her fun only last her a week with my husband and a free ride of her stuff from another empty nest to another. A woman with no life morals respect soul or any type of values that’s the woman who tried and fail to break into my home.


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