Shelby Babcock, Belpre, Ohio

Where do I begin?… My now ex boyfriend and I were together for 5 years, he had a ring and was going to purpose on our anniversary. He took a management position at his job to help pay for the 5 bedroom house we lived together with our 2 year old son. I had caught a few text messages that were inappropriate and flirty in his phone, I would get mad and confront him, he was say she was one of his employees and was just being a friend but admitted she was crossing lines. Well, they worked with MRDD individuals and would have to help staff at the summer camp. He didn’t home home 3 nights that week saying he had to stay on shift because people didn’t show up. In reality? He was down there sleeping with her, they didn’t do a good job of hiding it either. Every one of his co workers and employee knew he had a girlfriend and a child, most even knew me since I also use to work for that company as well. So the shocked looks when I showed up with our son to the “family” night on the last night of camp was a little confusing. Until I saw them sitting together. I immediately left horrified he would put me on display like that. I took out son and left for a few days, it turned into little more than a week. I came back to try to talk to him, her car was there. Furious I continued to drive and went back to my mom’s. I didn’t let him know I tried to stop by, I texted him asking if we could talk face to face at the house. He said he couldn’t then, that he was on call and in the field. I felt like this was the end of my world. A few rough weeks later I returned to get my things out of our house (pre-arranged) and sure enough, she was there. Running her mouth and threatening me in my own home. This s***k has a boyfriend of like 7 years, who is still with her. This isn’t the first time she has done this either. The best part: she gave him chlamydia.


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