Sheila Swyfried/Ramos

Sheila Seyfried/Ramos lives in Ithaca NY with her two babies by two different deadbeat dads. She is crazy. She is always cheating and passing std. She may seem nice when you meet her with her little children but trust she is cra and many people think she is nasty sexual with her children.
She has also been in prison this is all true u can look it all up her name is sheila seyfried or Ramos she lives in Ithaca NY she is also on cheaters register. Stay away from this crazy b***h . she’s a real loser with no income but welfare. Sad hoe .
Ms seyfried . is the one that is the hoe she has done underground p**n . she is pregnant with a STD that u can’t get rid of she also molest little boys including her own son . she has burned up ex cars and smashed out their window too.


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